Repair OST File using SCANOST.EXE (Integrity Check Tool)

ost repairMicrosoft Outlook consists of Offline Storage files (OST) to store data on a single file. Users can access the data files even if they are offline and not connected to the main server. OST file contains various information including email messages, journals, notes, contacts, calendar reminders, tasks, etc. A big problem arises when your OST file gets corrupted as it is prone to corruption. OST file can get damaged if Outlook application shuts down abruptly or if it crashes.  Continue reading


Repair Damaged PDF File: PDF Repair Tool

pdf repairPortable Document Format (PDF) is a file format invented by Adobe Systems has now become an open standard for exchanging electronic document which is maintained by ISO. File in this format contains texts, links, videos, from fields, audio and images, etc. Adobe Reader is the software which is used to read PDF documents.  Continue reading

How to Split PST File using Manual Techniques?

pst splitMicrosoft Outlook contains different types of files including contacts, tasks, notes, email messages, journals, etc.  All these files are stored in PST file format. PST file format includes ANSI PST and Unicode PST file formats. 2 GB is the size limit for the file in ANSI PST format and 20 GB is the size limit for the file in Unicode PST format which has now been extended to 50 GB in MS Outlook 2010.  Continue reading

Merge PST files v/s Join PST files along with deduplication [in-depth explained]

How to merge pstThis article is meant for avid users of MS Outlook who use MS Outlook regularly in their day-to-day email use and constantly agonized by slow responsive performance of MS Outlook as their emails piles up over a long period of time. MS Outlook provides some useful features to handle these issues, but somehow fails to do so in an efficient manner. Continue reading

Crack MDB File Password: Access Database Password Recovery

access database password recoveryBeing a computer user, data security is the prime concern for any one. As the data and information, which are stored in your computer system, are invaluable for you, you must think about their security and protection. Keeping the computer files password-protected, is the most reliable option to secure your data and information. Password-protection in computer files means your files are protected and can only be opened or viewed by entering the correct password assigned by you.  Continue reading

How to Perform OST to PST Conversion?

ost to pstHave you faced a situation in which you need to perform conversion of OST to PST? Consider this scenario: You are leaving your current organization in which you used Outlook with Microsoft Exchange. You want to take all your email messages, calendar, contacts and other mailbox items with you. As you are leaving from the company, your account will be deleted from the MS Exchange Server.

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