Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format invented by Adobe Systems has now become an open standard for exchanging electronic document which is maintained by ISO. File in this format contains texts, links, videos, from fields, audio and images, etc. Adobe Reader is the software which is used to read PDF documents. 

Striking Features of a PDF Document:

  • Supports multiple platforms: PDF files can be viewed on any Windows operating system and Mac operating system. It is also supported by mobile platforms including iOS and Android.
  • Reliability: you can safely exchange PDF file over the network as an attachment because there is no need to worry if the receiver also has the same utility by using which you created PDF document.
  • Electronic-signature: you can electronically sign your PDF document based on basic signature or certificate-based signature to protect from unauthorized user.
  • Accessibility: specifications of PDF document makes it accessible such that people with disabilities (blindness) can also access it.
  • Password Protection: you can secure your PDF document by using the security feature of PDF standard which include password protection, this helps in protecting your PDF document such that no unauthorized user can access, edit, modify or print your PDF document.

As PDF document is prone to corruption so it can easily get corrupted by virus attack. In 2001, viruses in PDF document were discovered. Other reasons due to which a PDF document can get corrupted are system crash, power failure, software malfunction, hardware malfunction, hard disk failure, etc. Corruption makes the document inaccessible and gives you the error message while accessing it.

You can relax if you have already created a backup copy of your original PDF document. Restoring process becomes easy and simple with the help of backup file. No other solution is available so that you can repair your PDF document manually. Using recovery software is the last option to save your important data from corrupted and inaccessible PDF document.

Recovery software also recovers images, pictures and text. SysInfoTools PDF Recovery software provides you with the best features which quickly restore your lost data. Standard and Advanced are the two modes on which this software operates. Before getting the licensed version, it is highly recommended to use trial version. It gives you the preview of recovered data.