Crack MDB File Password: Access Database Password Recovery

access database password recoveryBeing a computer user, data security is the prime concern for any one. As the data and information, which are stored in your computer system, are invaluable for you, you must think about their security and protection. Keeping the computer files password-protected, is the most reliable option to secure your data and information. Password-protection in computer files means your files are protected and can only be opened or viewed by entering the correct password assigned by you. 

Let us talk about a database file, an MS Access database file. It stores a large amount of data and information. Microsoft provides password-protection feature to secure your database file and to prevent unauthorized access of your data and information. Whenever you try to access or open a password-protected MDB file, you need to enter the correct password.

mdb password

If you enter the correct password, you can view, read or do anything within your database file. But, unluckily, if you do not enter the correct password, you cannot access your database file. This situation takes place when you lose or forget your file password.

invalid mdb password

You need to use a third-party MDB Password Recovery tool here that can recover your password within a few clicks.

I can recommend SysInfoTools MDB Password Recovery tool here.

Download it from SysInfoTools’ official website and install on your computer system. Once the installation is completed, follow the steps shown below:

1. Launch MS Access Password Recovery tool on your system. Click on Open button and select the MDB file.


2. The selected MDB file will be shown in the edit box. Now click on Get info button to get file information and properties.


3. Once the file information and properties are recovered, click on Recover Password button to recover the password of selected MDB file.


4. Just within a second the password will be recovered and shown in the box.


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