Nowadays emails are playing an important role in our life to communicate with each other either for personal or business purpose. They are the best method for communication in these days. Every single individual or organization performs communication process by emails. They are reliable, affordable and very fast method of communication. 

Generally email is a form of message that is sent and received with the help of electronic medium such as computer and internet. They are very popular among all of us. It is really very easy to use email service. All we need to have, just an email account, computer and internet connection and we are done.

There are many email platforms which can be used for mailing, such as: MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, MS Outlook, Outlook Express and many more. But the two most popular among all computer users are MS Outlook and Outlook Express. Both email programs are provided by Microsoft but not similar. Both are used for mailing and communication purpose but on the other hand they are quite different from each other.

MS Outlook comes as a separate application with MS Office program. It can be said a Personal Information Manager from Microsoft. As we know that MS Office is supportable with all Windows, therefore it is widely used across the world.

MS Outlook is an email application which is mainly used for emails and it also includes calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking and web browsing.

Outlook Express is also used for email purpose and it is also provided by Microsoft. It comes with Internet Explorer of Microsoft Windows. The main advantage of Outlook Express is that a user can easily configure several emails accounts in Outlook Express, i.e. up to 30 email accounts.

Outlook Express is an email application and news client which is used to send, receive and stores the messages. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 it has been changed into Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail respectively.

Both these email applications use different files extension to save their messages. In MS Outlook .pst (personal storage folder) file is used which stores messages, calendar and other items. And in Outlook Express .dbx (data base eXchange) file is used which stores all mailbox items including attachments. There are two more files which are used by these email applications: EML (email file) and MSG (message file). EML file format is used in Outlook Express and other email programs to stores email messages and attachments. MSG file format is used in both Outlook Express and MS Outlook. MSG is the file extension for Microsoft Exchange mail document.

It is quite obvious that we have so many accounts on several email platforms as they are very easy to create and use. But sometimes there could be some reasons which can force us to change the platform or to change the file format of our emails. Suppose you were working in a company where you had an email account on Outlook Express, but now you are working in a new company where you have an account in MS Outlook. You need all your emails which were saved inside your Outlook Express in your new account of MS Outlook. What will you do? You can’t perform “copy and paste” process as both account use different file extensions. And suppose you have an account in MS Outlook but you are not friendlier with it. You are friendlier with Outlook Express and you need all your emails which are saved in PST file format in Outlook Express. What will you do? All you need to do just perform the conversion process of emails. You need to convert the .dbx files into .pst file format or vice versa. But there is a fact behind email conversion that it can’t be done manually. If it is tried to perform manually one can lost his/her important emails. So it is always suggested to use a software program to perform email conversion.

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