Compact Outlook Data File using PST Compact Technique

pst compactIn this modern age of technology, email or electronic mail has become an essential part in an individual’s life. Besides an individual, large organizations and companies are also highly dependent on emails for communication purpose. Microsoft has designed an email client based application, known as MS Outlook, that presents an advanced mailing platform for users along with some other useful features.  

Other than mailing feature, i.e. sending and receiving messages, it also supports calendaring, task managing, contact managing, note taking, journal and web browsing. Because of having all these features, MS Outlook has become most popular email application in communication environment. You can configure one or multiple emails accounts in MS Outlook to access them at a same time. MS Outlook stores all your mailbox data into an Outlook database file, known as PST. A separate PST file is created for a configured email account. For e.g. if you have configured 3 email accounts into MS Outlook, three different PST files are created to your Outlook profile. PST file has a definite size, i.e. 2 GB for ANSI PST and 20 GB for Unicode PST. ANSI PST format is used in the earlier versions of Outlook while Unicode is a new format for PST files of 2003 and later versions. The size of a PST file can be increased by receiving or storing large amount of data in it. It may become inaccessible or prone to corruption if it reaches to its maximum size. When a PST file becomes oversized, it causes Outlook performance and makes it very slow. An oversized PST file takes a lot of time to be opened and sometimes the application may start hanging.

There are two ways to handle oversized PST files: first is compact and other is split. MS Outlook supports a built-in feature for compacting large sized PST files. Follow the steps shown below:

  • Launch MS Outlook.
  • Click File tab > Account Settings > again click on Account Settings.
  • “Account Settings” window will be appeared. Click Data Files tab.
  • Select the Outlook data file that you want to compact and click on Settings.
  • “Outlook Data File” window will be opened. Click Compact Now.

Though MS Outlook does not supports any built-in feature for splitting a large sized PST files, but still it is possible to split PST files. By using Import and Export, Move to folder or Archive feature, a large sized PST file can be split into multiple parts. However, if you face problems or issues while using any of these manual techniques, you can try some third-party tools which help you deal with an oversized PST file.

SysInfoTools provides a wide range of email management tools which include PST Compress and PST Split. If you want to compress the size of your PST files by removing all the extra and unused space from the files, you can try SysInfoTools PST Compress & Compact tool. Or if you want to split a large sized PST file into multiple smaller parts, you can try SysInfoTools PST Split tool.


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