Repair DBX File using DBX Repair Tool

dbx repairIn these days, email is becoming the most relevant and effective source of communication all around the world. It helps an individual as well as an organization to communicate with one another in a very easy and simple way. Email is known as the most inexpensive but quickest medium of communication nowadays. There are two things mainly required for email: a computer system or a mobile device with internet connection.  Continue reading


Compact Outlook Data File using PST Compact Technique

pst compactIn this modern age of technology, email or electronic mail has become an essential part in an individual’s life. Besides an individual, large organizations and companies are also highly dependent on emails for communication purpose. Microsoft has designed an email client based application, known as MS Outlook, that presents an advanced mailing platform for users along with some other useful features.   Continue reading

PowerPoint File Recovery using PowerPoint Repair Tool

powerpoint repairBeing a computer user, you must have faced some errors while accessing a computer file of any particular format. But have you ever tried to find the possible causes behind the errors? Let us talk about a very common file, known as a PowerPoint presentation. In this blog, we will talk about the corruption errors in PowerPoint presentation and the possible causes behind them.  Continue reading

Fix Corrupt Access Database using Compact and Repair

access database repairMicrosoft has designed a database management system, known as Microsoft Access, to store a large amount of data and information. An access database file looks like a tabular sheet that has multiple columns and rows inside which your data and information are stored. MS Access tool allows you to create database files, understand their file structure and modify or manipulate the data and information stored in the files as per requirement.  Continue reading

Repair ZIP, RAR, TAR, TAR.Gz and 7z Archive using Archive Recovery

corrupt archiveAs a computer user, we must have seen a number of files in which our crucial data and information are stored. A computer file could be small or large in size. A large sized file occupies more space in your system while small sized files take very less space. And due to having large sized files, it may affect your system performance or your system may become slow. But if you compress the files, they become reduced in size.  Continue reading