How to Repair Exchange Server Backup File?

exchange-server-backup-repairA BKF file is considered the most valuable thing for a user, or if the BKF file is of Exchange Server, it becomes a precious asset for the company or organization.  The main aspect of the BKF file is to ensure users about data security. A BKF file contains the copies of your crucial data which you have backed up earlier. If you lose your original data due to corruption or accidentally deletion, you can easily restore them from a valid and updated BKF file. 

You can also back up your MS Exchange Server by using Microsoft NT-Backup utility or any other commercialware backup utility. A BKF file of an Exchange Server contains three types of files: EDB, STM and LOG files. Each file type stores a particular type of data, such as: EDB, which means Exchange Database, stores all exchange information in database format; STM, which means Streaming Media Files, stores all the content from the Internet; and LOG file stores information of all the changes or modification made on exchange server databases. Whenever your Exchange Server crashes or its data become corrupted, you can restore them from the BKF file of Exchange Server.

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Have you ever thought what would happen if the BKF file itself gets corrupted? If a BKF file gets corrupted, you cannot restore your data from it until you repair the file. Microsoft does not provide any tool or program to repair corrupt BKF files, but there are many third-party software companies in the market which offer advanced recovery software for corrupt BKF files of Exchange Server.

Before getting a third-party software, first you must know about the factors which may cause corruption in your Exchange Server BKF files. An interruption in backup job (either you are taking backup or restoring backup) may lead corruption in the BKF file of MS Exchange Server. Other than this, virus infection can also cause serious corruption in the BKF files. Sometimes the header of the BKF file is missing from its location or corrupted, which may lead corruption in the whole BKF file. An unusual malfunction in your system hard drive or other storage media can make your data inaccessible. The Exchange BKF files which are stored in your hard disk may also become corrupted. Under these scenarios, you cannot use your Exchange BKF file to restore your data from it until you repair the file.

How will you repair a corrupt Exchange Server BKF file?

Unluckily Microsoft does not provide any utility or function to repair corrupt BKF file. But if you use a 3rd party recovery application, you can recover your maximum possible data from corrupt BKF files. There are many Exchange BKF Recovery software in the market, SysInfoTools Exchange BKF Recovery is one of them. You can try this tool to recover your crucial data from corrupt Exchange Server BKF files. It can easily handle any level of corruption (normal, moderate or severe) and ensures users maximum possible recovery from corrupt BKF files. Try its free demo version first to check the preview of recovered data.


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