Should We Backup Exchange Server?

backup exchange serverMicrosoft Exchange Server is a software tool designed by Microsoft for large organizations and corporate sectors. The main function of MS Exchange Sever is to make  emailing faster and more efficient than normal emailing system. Nowadays, email has become an important part in every businesses or organizations, and Microsoft provides a reliable platform for such purpose. 

In a large company or organization, MS Exchange Server allows multiple users to connect with it at the same time. Its main purpose is to provide connection to the users to access their accounts from anywhere in the world. It not only provides connection to share emails with one another but also provides an excellent security feature to its users. It helps users to prevent the unwanted situation of  hacking, spamming, virus infection, etc. With an advanced security feature, it ensures users that all the emails and other crucial mailbox data are remained confidential and highly secured. To use MS Exchange Server, you need to configure your Outlook program with it as Exchange Server uses MS Outlook as an email platform.

For a company or an organization, the data of an Exchange Server is one of most crucial assets. Any type of data loss, corruption or damage to Exchange Server must be unbearable for a company and it may lead to a major financial loss. Or if a situation like Exchange Server crash takes place, all the data may be gone or lost forever. What should be done in such situation? How to overcome it?

Backup can play an important role in such situation. You should take backup of your Exchange Server in a regular basis. If you have backed up your MS Exchange Server, you are ensured full data security. By using backup of Exchange Server, you can restore your crucial Exchange Server data, such as: important emails and other mailbox data.

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How to back up Microsoft Exchange Server?

Microsoft Exchange Server can be backed up by using Microsoft Backup Utility, which is known as NT-Backup utility. It is a built-in backup utility for Microsoft Windows that helps you back up your computer system data as well as Exchange Server data. Other than NT-Backup utility, you can use Symantec Backup Exec (formerly known as VERITAS) to take backup of your Exchange Server.


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