Causes of BKF File Corruption

corrupt backupIs a BKF file immune to corruption?
No, a BKF file is not immune to corruption. It does not matter which backup software you used to create your BKF files. The reality is that your BKF files are prone to corruption in the same way as other computer files are. Do you know the reasons which may cause corruption in your BKF files? If not, then you should read about them below: 

  1. Virus infection: Virus infection or attack is the most common reason behind file corruption. A computer virus is a malware that causes corruption in computer data by overwriting or deleting some part of the file. A BKF file is not immune to virus infection, it can be corrupted or become invalid.
  2. Sudden system shutdown: A computer system needs its time to be turned off. But if it gets shut down in an abnormal way due to sudden power failure, it may cause damage in system hard drive or data stored in it. Or if you are accessing your BKF file and your system gets turned off all of a sudden, your BKF file may become corrupted or invalid.
  3. Hard drive failure: If your system hard drive starts malfunctioning or the stored data cannot be accessed or opened in a proper manner, the situation of hard drive failure occurs. It may lead data loss or data corruption in your system.
  4. Software malfunction: Software malfunction means a software program is not working in its right way due to its outdated issue, collision with other software programs, et cetera, et cetera. Your backup software application may also malfunction due to several reasons, thus BKF file created by it becomes corrupted or data are restored in an invalid form.
  5. Missing of catalog: Catalog files play a very important role in BKF files. They contain all the information of backed up data which are stored in your BKF file. If any catalog file is missing from the BKF file, your Backup Exec fails to read the file and nothing can be restored from it.
  6. Human errors: Human errors mean your BKF file is infected or overwritten by a person with the help of a file editor like Hex editor. If some part of file, from anywhere, is deleted or overwritten, your file will become invalid or corrupted.

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What happens if a BKF file gets corrupted?
Whenever a computer file gets corrupted and you try to access or open it, you receive an error saying the file is damaged or corrupted. The same situation occurs with a corrupt BKF file. You may receive errors if you try to access or restore a corrupt BKF file. Here is the list of some common errors shown below:

  1. “The backed up data is corrupt or incomplete.”
  2. “The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used.”
  3. “An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media.”
  4. “Backup Exec 11d e000fe36- Corrupt data encountered.”
  5. “The backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file.”
  6. “CRC error” takes place while opening or extracting a BKF file.
  7. Backup Exec fails performing a backup operation and encounters corrupt files.

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