Backing Up your Computer: Computer Data Backup

backupA smart computer user always backs up its crucial data and updates the backup in a regular manner. But if you are new in computers or a novice user, you must be thinking: What is computer data backup, and is it necessary to backup computer data? Data backup can be said a process that involves creating duplicate copies or backup copies of your original data into a single file. It is necessary as it ensures that your crucial data remain safe and secured if any sort of failure occurs in your computer. 

Your computer data can be lost at any time or become corrupted due to several reasons. But if you have backed up the data, you can restore it from the BKF file. If you are using computer in your day-to-day life, you must back up your crucial computer data in a regular manner. A computer may contain many things which you have created with a lot of time and effort. But all your efforts and hard work may go in vain if you lose your data or your data become corrupted. In such critical situation, data backup plays an important role as a life savior. As a BKF file contains copies of your computer data, you can restore them at any time from the file.

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What do you need to take backup of computer data?

If you want to take backup of your computer data, you need a data backup software application. Microsoft provides a free built-in backup utility for its users, which is known as NT-Backup utility. It was first introduced in Windows NT, and then it is available with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. In later versions of Windows, it has been replaced by Windows Backup and Restore. But you can still use NT-Backup utility in the later versions of Windows as it can be freely download from the internet. Click on Windows NT-Backup to go to the download page. Other than NTBackup utility, there is one more data backup software, which is very popular among computer users. Symantec Backup Exec (BE) or formerly known as Seagate or VERITAS Backup Exec. This is not a freeware, it is a commercialware application of Symantec and avaliable for Windows, Red Hat Linux and SUSE Enterprise Linux Server. As it is a commercialware, it offers a wide of features in backing up your computer and server data.

Where should you store your original backup?

Most of the users store their original BKF files in their local computers, which is not a right thing. If the BKF file is stored in your system and your system gets crashed down due to any reason, you may lose all your data including your original BKF file. So, I would recommend you to store your BKF files in your local computers (if you want) as well as in an external storage media. Always keep the storage device, which contains original BKF files, in a safe place to prevent breakage or any other unwanted situations.


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