Advanced Exchange BKF Recovery Tool

exchange bkf repairSysInfoTools Exchange BKF Recovery software would be an ideal solution for those users who are suffering from Exchange BKF corruption. It supports recovering maximum possible data from corrupt Exchange Server BKF files and saves them at user-defined location. The software is highly efficient to recover mailbox items of your Exchange Outlook from corrupt BKF files.  Continue reading


How to Repair Exchange Server Backup File?

exchange-server-backup-repairA BKF file is considered the most valuable thing for a user, or if the BKF file is of Exchange Server, it becomes a precious asset for the company or organization.  The main aspect of the BKF file is to ensure users about data security. A BKF file contains the copies of your crucial data which you have backed up earlier. If you lose your original data due to corruption or accidentally deletion, you can easily restore them from a valid and updated BKF file.  Continue reading

Should We Backup Exchange Server?

backup exchange serverMicrosoft Exchange Server is a software tool designed by Microsoft for large organizations and corporate sectors. The main function of MS Exchange Sever is to make  emailing faster and more efficient than normal emailing system. Nowadays, email has become an important part in every businesses or organizations, and Microsoft provides a reliable platform for such purpose.  Continue reading

Backing Up your Computer: Computer Data Backup

backupA smart computer user always backs up its crucial data and updates the backup in a regular manner. But if you are new in computers or a novice user, you must be thinking: What is computer data backup, and is it necessary to backup computer data? Data backup can be said a process that involves creating duplicate copies or backup copies of your original data into a single file. It is necessary as it ensures that your crucial data remain safe and secured if any sort of failure occurs in your computer.  Continue reading

Causes of BKF File Corruption

corrupt backupIs a BKF file immune to corruption?
No, a BKF file is not immune to corruption. It does not matter which backup software you used to create your BKF files. The reality is that your BKF files are prone to corruption in the same way as other computer files are. Do you know the reasons which may cause corruption in your BKF files? If not, then you should read about them below:  Continue reading

How to Repair BKF File using BKF Repair Tool

backup exec bkf repair proIf your BKF file is corrupted, your Backup Exec program fails to read the file or becomes unable to restore your data from it. This becomes quite frustrating moment for a computer user as he/she may lose the crucial data forever. There is no manual technique or process which can be used to recover data from the corrupt BKF file. Continue reading